Dávid Korányi, PhD

ÖBI Terresztris Ökológiai Osztály
koranyi.david [at] ecolres.hu
+3628 360 147 / 121
Brief description of the main scopes: 

1) Landscape ecology
Effects of urbanization and agriculture on biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services. Calculating background variables using GIS software.
2) Beneficial arthropods
Role of spiders and predatory insects in biological pest control in urban and agricultural areas.
3) Invasive insect species
Examination of the biology and distribution of alien and invasive insect species using field and laboratory data and citizen science.
4) Plant stress and phytophagous insects
Effects of plant stress on the performance of pest insects (Hemiptera, Coleoptera).
5) Faunal surveys
Studies on the species composition of canopy dwelling arthropods in urban environment.

Main profile in keywords: 
biodiversity, arthropods, urbanization, landscape structure
Selected publications:


Korányi D., Gallé R., Donkó B., Chamberlain D.E., Batáry P. (2021): Urbanization does not affect green space bird species richness in a mid-sized city Urban Ecosystems 24(42): pp. 789-800.
Korányi D., Szigeti V., Mezőfi L., Kondorosy E., Markó V. (2021): Urbanization alters the abundance and composition of predator communities and leads to aphid outbreaks on urban trees Urban Ecosystems 24: pp. 571-586.
Kuli-Révész K., Korányi D., Lakatos T., Szabó Á.R., Batáry P., Gallé R. (2021): Smaller and isolated grassland fragments are exposed to stronger seed and insect predation in habitat edges Forests 12(1): 54.


Mezőfi L., Markó G., Nagy Cs., Korányi D., Markó V. (2020): Beyond polyphagy and opportunism: natural prey of hunting spiders in the canopy of apple trees PeerJ 8:e9334


Vétek G., Károlyi B., Mészáros Á., Horváth D., Korányi D. (2018): The invasive brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) is now widespread in Hungary Entomologia Generalis 38(1): pp. 3-14.