Flóra TINYA, PhD

IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
tinya.flora [at] ecolres.hu
+36 28 360-122, + 36 28 360-147 / 243
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Our projects investigate experimentally the effects of different forestry treatments on site and light conditions, on forest biodiversity and on the regeneration. In the Pilis Forestry Systems experiment we compare some elements of the shelterwood forestry system (clear-cutting, retention tree group, preparation cutting) to the basic intervention type of the continuous cover forestry system (gap-cutting). Our Pilis Gap experiment focuses on the continuous cover forestry, and investigates the site conditions and various forest organism groups in gaps with different size, shape and creation types. Besides, we also study the effects of some conservation-oriented management techniques. Their aim is to enhance the structural heterogeneity of the forest habitat, and thus the forest biodiversity. My own research area within the projects is the study of the light conditions, regeneration and understory vegetation.

Main profile in keywords: 
forest ecology, forest biodiversity, regeneration, forest undergrowth, field experiments
Selected publications:


Flóra Tinya, Bence Kovács, András Bidló, Bálint Dima, Ildikó Király, Gergely Kutszegi, Ferenc Lakatos, Zsuzsa Mag, Sára Márialigeti, Juri Nascimbene, Ferenc Samu, Irén Siller, Győző Szél, Péter Ódor (2021): Environmental drivers of forest biodiversity in temperate mixed forests – A multi-taxon approach Science of the Total Environment 795: 148720.


Tinya, F., Kovács, B., Aszalós, R., Tóth, B., Csépányi, P., Németh, Cs., Ódor, P. (2020): Initial regeneration success of tree species after different forestry treatments in a sessile oak-hornbeam forest Forest Ecology and Management 459: 117810.


Tinya, F., Kovács, B., Prättälä, A., Farkas, P., Aszalós, R., Ódor, P. (2019): Initial understory response to experimental silvicultural treatments in a temperate oak-dominated forest European Journal of Forest Research 138:65-77.



Tinya, F., Márialigeti, S., Király, I., Németh, B. and Ódor, P. (2009): The effect of light conditions on herbs, bryophytes and seedlings of temperate mixed forests in Őrség, Western Hungary. Plant Ecology 204: 69-81.