assistant research fellow
IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
vajna.flora [at] ecolres.hu
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Participation in the ecosystem services research team’s projects, primarily in the design of research details, field sampling (trapping and checking the traps), processing of samples in the lab, data entry & analysis, and manuscript preparation. Also participation in the analysis of the “policy” relationships of ecosystem services.

Main profile in keywords: 
ecosystem services
Selected publications:


Amano T, Berdejo-Espinola V, Christie AP et al. (2021): Tapping into non-English-language science for the conservation of global biodiversity PLoS Biol 19(10): pp. e3001296


Szigeti Viktor, Flóra Vajna, Ádám Kőrösi, János Kis (2020): Are all butterflies equal? Population-wise proboscis length variation predicts flower choice in a butterfly Animal Behaviour 163: pp. 135-143.
Vajna Flóra, Kis János, Szigeti Viktor (2020): Measuring proboscis length in Lepidoptera: a review Zoomorphology
VAJNA FLÓRA, SZIGETI VIKTOR, HARNOS ANDREA, KIS JÁNOS (2020): A kis apollólepke (Parnassius mnemosyne (LINNAEUS, 1758)) nektárnövényfajok közti választása ÁLLATTANI KÖZLEMÉNYEK 106(1–2): 000–000