Katalin VERES

IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
veres.katalin [at] ecolres.hu
+36 28 360-122, 360-147 / 255
Brief description of the main scopes: 

1) Ecophysiological and taxonomical study of terricolous lichens
Taxonomical revision of Hungarian lichen species with morphological and chemical methods, with special attention to Cladonia genus.

2) Ecophysiological study of terricolous lichen communities
Investigation of the effect of microclimate and seasonality on photosynthetic activity, pigment composition and production of secondary lichen metabolites. Investigation of different acclimation strategies of certain species living in temperate semiarid sandy grasslands.

3) LIFE 4 Oak Forests
Field survey and administration for the “Conservation management tools for increasing structural and compositional biodiversity in Natura 2000 oak forests” project.

Main profile in keywords: 
ecophysiology, taxonomy, terricolous lichens, LIFE 4 Oak Forests project
Selected publications:


Farkas, E., Biró, B., Csintalan, Zs., Veres, K. (2020): Acetone rinsing tolerance of the lichen species Cladonia foliacea is considerable Lichenologist 52, 325-327
Katalin Veres, Edit Farkas, Zsolt Csintalan (2020): The bright and shaded side of duneland life: the photosynthetic response of lichens to seasonal changes is species-specific. Mycol Progress 19, 629–641


Veres, K. (2012): A Sas-hegy zuzmóflórája. (The lichen flora of Mt Sas-hegy). In: Kézdy, P. & Tóth, Z. (szerk.): Természetvédelem és kutatás a Sas-hegyen. (Nature conservation and research in Mt Sas-hegy). – Rosalia 8: 169–177.


Farkas Edit, Veres K, Czúcz Bálint (2011): Statistical analysis of substrate investigations of terricolous Toninia species in Hungary Acta Botanica Hungarica 53(3-4): 313-320.


Suija, A., Czarnota, P., Himelbrant, D., Kowalewska, A., Kukwa, M., Kuznetsova, E., Leppik, E., Motiejūnaitė, J., Piterāns, A., Schiefelbein, U., Skazina, M., Sohrabi, M., Stepanchikova, I. & Veres, K. (2010): The lichen biota of three nature reserves in island Saaremaa, Estonia. Folia Cryptog. Estonica, Fasc. 47: 85–96 (2010)