IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
ulicsni.viktor [at]
Brief description of the main scopes: 

My ethno-logological research covers primarily the study of traditional ecological knowledge, its nature conservation, knowledge generation and ethnotaxonomical aspects. In addition, I participate in the “Grazing Effect on Unconventional Pastures” project.

Main profile in keywords: 
traditional ecological knowledge, ethnozoology, ethnotaxonomy, knowledge generation, human-animal conflicts
Selected publications:


Biró, M., Molnár, Zs., Öllerer, K., Lengyel, A., Ulicsni, V., Szabados, K., Kiš, A., Perić, R., Demeter, L., Babai, D. (2020): Conservation and herding co-benefit from traditional extensive wetland grazing. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. Volume 300, 15 September 2020, 106983
Ulicsni Viktor, Babai Dániel, Juhász Erika, Molnár Zsolt, Biró Marianna (2020): Local knowledge about a newly reintroduced, rapidly spreading species (Eurasian beaver) and perception of its impact on ecosystem services PLoS ONE 15(5): e0233506.


Ulicsni Viktor, Babai Dániel, Vadász Csaba, Vadász-Besnyői Vera, Báldi András, Molnár Zsolt (2019): Bridging conservation science and traditional knowledge of wild animals: The need for expert guidance and inclusion of local knowledge holders AMBIO: A JOURNAL OF THE HUMAN ENVIRONMENT 48 : 7 pp. 769-778. , 10 p.



Ulicsni Viktor, Svanberg Ingvar, Molnár Zsolt (2013): Folk knowledge of non-domestic mammals among ethnic Hungarians in North-Western Romania. NORTH-WESTERN JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY 9:(2) pp. 383-398.