Zoltán RÁDAI, PhD

IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
radai.zoltan [at] ecolres.hu
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Statistical analyses of data from researches on the role of habitat patches in maintaining biodiversity, and on small-scale topographical variation of grassland plant communities. Physiological costs associated with life histories of increased developmental rate, alternative life history strategies and life history evolution, adaptive value of individual and species level variation in key life history traits.
Methods of statistical data analyses utilized in biological researches.

Main profile in keywords: 
life history evolution, ecophysiology, behavioural ecology, physiological costs of alternative life history strategies
Selected publications:


Rádai, Z., Kiss, J., Babczyńska, A., Kardos, G., Báthori, F., Samu, F., Barta, Z. (2020): Consequences of rapid development due to cohort splitting: just how costly is to hurry? Journal of Experimental Biology


Rádai, Z., Kiss, P., Nagy, D., Barta, Z. (2019): Antibacterial immune functions of subadults and adults in a semelparous spider PeerJ 7:e7475


Rádai, Z., Németh, Z., Barta, Z. (2018): Sex-dependent immune response in a semelparous spider The Science of Nature 105(7-8):39


Rádai, Z., Kiss, B., Samu, F. (2017): Effect of weather conditions on cohort splitting in a wolf spider species The Journal of Arachnology 45(3): pp. 444-447