Edina TÖRÖK, PhD

IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
torok.edina [at] ecolres.hu
360-147 / 121
Brief description of the main scopes: 

Presently I am interested in ecology and conservation biology, research topics:

1. biodiversity of agricultural and urban habitats
2. ecosystem services (effects of agriculture and grassland management on pollinators, Syrphidae)
3. pollinator webs, conservation of pollinator communities
4. food webs (influence of landscapes)
5. taxonomy and ecology of Diptera (mostly Culicidae)

Main profile in keywords: 
biodiversity, Diptera, pollination, food web
Selected publications:


Lujza Keresztes, Levente-Péter Kolcsár, Avar-Lehel Dénes, Edina Török (2018): Revealing unknown larvae of the maxima species group of the genus Acutipula Alexander, 1924 (Tipula, Tipuloidae, Diptera) using an integrative approach North-western Journal of Zoology, 14 (1): 17-24
Tomazatos, A., Cadar, D., Török, E., Horváth, C., Maranda, J., Keresztes, K., Spinu, M., Jansen, S., Jöst, H., Schmidt-Chanasit, J., Tannich, E., Lühken, R. (2018): Circulation of Dirofilaria immitis and Dirofilaria repens in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, Romania Parasites & Vectors 11:392


Török, E., Tomazatos, A., Cadar, D., Horváth, C., Keresztes, L., Jansen, S., Becker, N., Kaiser, A., Popescu, O., Schmidt-Chanasit, J., Jöst, H. and Lühken, R. (2016): Pilot longitudinal mosquito surveillance study in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and the first reports of Anopheles algeriensis Theobald, 1903 and Aedes hungaricus Mihályi, 1955 for Romania Parasites & Vectors, 9:196


Edina Török, Levente-Péter Kolcsár, Avar-Lehel Dénes, Lujza Kereszte (2015): Morphologies tells more than molecules in the case of the European widespread Ptychoptera albimana (Fabricius, 1787) (Diptera, Ptychopteridae) North-western Journal of Zoology, 11 (2): 304-315
Fenesi, A., Vágási, C.I., Beldean, M., Földesi, R., Kolcsár, L-P., Shapiro, J.T., Török, E., Kovács-Hostyánszki, A (2015): Solidago canadensis impacts on native plant and pollinator communities in different-aged old fields. Basic and Applied Ecology, 6, 335-346.