IEB Department of Terrestrial Ecology
riho.marja [at] ecolres.hu
+36 30 264 7874
Brief description of the main scopes: 

I have been studied almost last 20 years farmland biodiversity. It have been my passion, work and hobby.

My main target in current post-doc position it to conduct meta-analyse to investigate agri-environment schemes and landscape gradient effect for cropland arthropods concurrently.

Additionally I analyse bumblebees and plants foodwebs relationships with seasonality effect.

Main profile in keywords: 
agri-environmental schemes, farmland biodiversity, ecosystem services, landscape structure, land-use intensity, meta-analysis.
Selected publications:


Marja, R., Klein, A-M., Viik, E., Batáry P. (2021): Environmentally-friendly and organic management practices enable complementary diversification of plantbumblebee food webs Basic and Applied Ecology 53: 164-174


Marja, R. , Kleijn, D. , Tscharntke, T. , Klein, A. , Frank, T. and Batáry, P. (2019): Effectiveness of agri-environmental management on pollinators is moderated more by ecological contrast than by landscape structure or land-use intensity Ecol Lett. 22: 1493–1500


Marja, R., Viik, E., Mänd, M., Phillips, J., Klein, A.-M. & Batáry, P. (2018): Crop rotation and agri-environment schemes determine bumblebee communities via flower resources Journal of Applied Ecology 55: 1714-1724.