IEB Experimental Vegetation Ecology Research Group

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We investigate how changing climate and land use affect vegetation in the sand region of Kiskunsag, Central Hungary. Research topics include the ecological effect of warming, drying, wildfires, and plant invasion, as well as succession following land abandonment and following the removal of alien tree plantations. Approaches range from descriptive local case studies and long-term monitoring, through lanscape and regional-scale surveys, to complex field experiments.

Selected publications:


Kröel-Dulay, G.; Csecserits, A.; Szitár, K.; Molnár, E. ; Szabó, R.; Ónodi, G. ; Botta-Dukát, Z. (2019): The potential of common ragweed for further spread: invasibility of different habitats and the role of disturbances and propagule pressure Biological Invasions 21: 137-149.


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