Cevallos, David

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david.cevallos [at] ecolres.hu
Tevékenységi kör rövid leírása: 

Engineer on Agriculture and Livestock management. Army Polytechnic School (ESPE). Ecuador.
Thesis topic: Morinda citrifolia effect on hematologic profile and weight gain on sus scrofa between 15 to 35 Kg.
Master on Environmental Management on Agricultural Engineering. University of Debrecen. Hungary
Thesis topic: Effect of Zeolite and Biochar as additives on physical and chemical characteristics of Chicken litter during the fermentation phase of composting
PhD student in Biology. Eötvös Lorand University. Department of Sciences. Hungary
My PhD topic: Testing seed transfer zones based on plant traits of populations from different provenance for ecological restoration use.

Tevékenység, kutatás címszavakban: 
Seed transfer zones, restoration ecology, transplant experiments, Seed provenance.